49 Club - for course development

How to Join

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What is the 49 Club?

The 49 Club offers Killin Golf Club members an opportunity to build up a special fund earmarked only for course development projects. These improvements will make the course more enjoyable not only for ourselves, but also to visitors – and more visitors will bring in extra general income, further strengthening the Golf Club finances.
The scheme is described below:-


Any adult member of Killin Golf Club may take part. A member’s adult family members or friends may also be included.

How the 49 Club works

Each player choses one or more ball number(s) between 1 and 49 inclusive.
Each week the player holding the same number as the Bonus Ball drawn in Saturday’s National Lottery will receive a prize. This will be paid promptly by Golf Club cheque.
The total prize money each week will be one half of the total paid by players for that week, plus any rollover from the previous week.
If no player holds the winning number, three-quarters of that week’s prize money will rollover and be added to the following weeks prize money.

Players’ Contributions

For each ball number chosen by a player, that player makes a donation to Killin Golf Club of £46.80 every 52 weeks. (i.e. £52 less 10% discount for annual lump sum payment). Payment is welcome by cheque, cash, Bank Transfer or standing order.
Each year runs according to the Golf Club Financial year (November – October), so payments must be received before the first Saturday in November.